Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lucy's 2nd road race

On Sunday, Lucy and I ran a 5k with a friend of her's, Otis.  Otis is Lucy's uncle in some weird, twisted way.  We got our other dog from the people who bred Otis.  The people who got our other dog's sister bred the dog, which was Lucy's litter.  They look so much alike that we frequently get them confused! Lucy is on the right in the picture below.

Anyway, this was Otis' owner's first 5k since giving birth a few months ago.  She did great!  I stayed with her till a little after the halfway point, but Lucy was going faster than all of us, so we ran a bit ahead.  We saw some friends and their kids walking and stopped to say hi, and wait for Otis.  We didn't see him, so we started running again.  This race was along the roads that Lucy and I run on a regular basis, so she was a little confused as to why we were in the road and not the sidewalk.  We finished, in an unstupendous 29:38, and waited for Otis and his owner, who finished pretty quickly after us.

This race was at 11 AM, and it was HOT out!  We were giving the dogs water, and talking to friends, when a guy walked over with Otis and said "I think you may have dropped this!"  My friend thought she was giving Otis water, not Lucy, and had let go of his leash!  Thank goodness he didn't go too far, and is super friendly!  Lucy was tired the rest of the day, and I think it might be the last time we run this race together.  It is just too late in the day, and too warm for her, even though we both had fun!

Do you know how hard it is to get 2 dogs in a crowd of people to pose for a cute picture?? Much harder than I thought!

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