Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who knew turkeys could fly that high?

Today, I got home from the gym to find my boyfriend comforting Lucy.  Apparently, she heard some turkeys walking by, gobbling, and she got scared.  She was hiding behind his legs and shivering.  I already knew she was afraid, as she won't stay outside alone when they are nearby.  The other dog just likes to bark his ass off at them, but only when he can see them.

My boyfriend left for work, and the dogs and I went running.  On our return, when we got one house away from mine, my neighbor was pulling out of her road and called out "There is a turkey right there!".  I told her the dogs were afraid of them, and asked where.  She pointed him out and drove away.  Of course we had to we got a little closer.  Lucy hid behind me, and the other dog watched that darn bird intently.  After a few minutes of that, we head home.

Thanks to the dew, the dogs are a muddy mess.  When this happens, I make them go outside to the backyard immediately after coming in.  For whatever reason, today I had not taken their leashes off yet.  We are standing on the deck and I am about to unhook the leashes when I spot their nemesis....a my freaking backyard!  I'm figuring the bird must have cleared the front picket fence, so 3 or 4 feet?

My other neighbor is outside hanging her laundry at good ole 6:50 AM, so I ask if she can open the gate so the damn turkey can leave.  At this point, the bird is straight up freaking out, running in a circle.  He then abruptly turns, and starts to fly in the other direction.  He clears the 6 foot fence on the other side, and keeps going and going up in the air.  He stops around 35 feet in the air in a neighbors tree, which is where he stayed until after my shower.  Not sure when he left, but he's gone now!  I guess this proves my claim to my friend just the other day wrong, as I told her I thought they could only fly 3 or 4 feet!

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