Monday, May 6, 2013


Every year for Mother's Day, I get my sister the Allure Beauty Box.  This arrived on Monday this week, and I hope this present makes my sister as happy as it usually does!  I know it normally ends up being a feud for products between her and my niece, but it is still fund to receive and try all the products.  Did I mention that I always get myself one too?

When my sister came over to pick up her Mother's Day present early yesterday, she brought me a present from my lovely niece!  Pottery!  On my nephew's birthday, while we were all in my sister's kitchen, I picked up something my niece had made in ceramics and mentioned that no one ever made me anything because I had dogs, not kids.  When I was in high school, I took a pottery class as well.  I have nothing to show for the pottery class that I took, but my sister does.  In my sister's bathroom, there is a small misshapen pinch bowl that she uses to hold q-tips.  I made that misshapen bowl!  Anyway, my niece's dish is much more attractive and functional.
Last, but not least, my brother dropped off two gifts for my niece and nephew today, as he missed their birthdays.  Presents for everyone!

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