Saturday, February 16, 2013

Probably not...

I ended up doing 40 minutes on the treadmill the other night while watching Downton Abby. Did I end up running 3? Probably not.  I need to do some type of headphone research.  I have a pair of earbuds by Phillips for my treadmill. For some reason, the cord comes apart in the middle, so you can have a longer or shorter cord maybe? Every time I would up the speed past the slowest jog, all I could hear was the cord swishing around.  Drove me batty! I ended up jacking up the incline and walking fast for the rest of the time.  I maybe ran a mile, mile and a half, before throwing in the towel.  Any recommendations for headphones for treadmill running?

In all honesty, the cord had always driven me nuts. When I run, I usually bring some cheesy mp3 player that has a clip and a speaker on it. If I clip it to my sports bra, I can hear the music while I run, AND the punk 18 years old who just drove right up behind me and laid on the horn to scare my dogs (funny, funny, kid. What goes around comes around). In the winter, it is sometimes too cold for my cheap mp3 player to work. I will either go without (and just talk out loud to my dogs,haha) or use my iPod shuffle. I cut one earbud off those headphones so that I could hear cars.  When I have run a race with headphones in, I constantly punch the cord and pull them out of my ears.I finally started running the cord down the back of my shirts.

Yesterday, I took the day off, besides some light shoveling. Today, I did 30 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio at the gym.  Looking forward to my Chobani bites for dessert tonight. I thought I loved the coffee one, but the pineapple one was so much better once I found them!  Try them if you see them...great flavors and only 100 calories.  

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