Friday, February 15, 2013

Things that make you go hmmm

Yesterday, while I was outside shoveling the deck stairs for the dogs, the normal one started barking, quite emphatically.  I jog over to the other side of the yard to see just what it is that has him so worked up.  It was just a guy walking past the house.  Just a guy walking past the house carrying a flat screen tv.  Maybe it needed some fresh air?

I run back to the other side of the yard, up the deck stairs, and attempt to take a picture of the guy...for whom, I don't know! It seemed like a good idea! Mind you, he didn't even look over at me.  Then, I started a mini panic....while I was out back, I had left the garage door open out front.  Is it my tv?  So, I proceed to fly into the house and check any room that may have a tv.  I'm good, they are all in the right places. I grab the home phone ( does anyone still have one besides me?) and run outside.

As I stand in the driveway getting ready to call the cops about the man in the black jacket with yellow trim, I see a cop car.  I attempted to flag the guy down, but he didn't stop. Maybe he thought I was just an overly happy shoveler at 6:40 am? Then I notice him slowing down and turning 1 street over, where a fellow snow cleaner upper is nodding at the cop.

Today's paper included a lovely snap shot of the tv thief, who had apparently snagged it from a local motel.  I knew he wasn't just taking it for a walk! Seriously though, at 6 am, it is light out...did he think no one would call?  According to the paper, two people did call, neither of which was me.  My family thought my neighborhood watch skills were pretty poor, but come on, the cops were right there!

Anyway, yesterday's exercise was shoveling for 45 minutes.  Today, I was the first one at the gym. Did 30 minutes of weights and 15 of interval on the treadmill.

Question: would you have called the cops? I did feel guilty that I didn't, but the cops WERE there already anyway!

Have a great day!

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