Thursday, February 28, 2013

The ball

About 3 years ago, we bought the other dog a soccer ball sized ball for dogs. It was covered in a blue fabric and squeaks when squished.  The other dog wasn't really into it, but we didn't get rid of it.  When kids came over, they loved to kick the ball around the yard, and the other dog would chase it.  He just wouldn't really bring it back.  Fetch has no meaning for him.

And then we got Lucy.....

Lucy is obsessed with the blue ball.  When it snows, the blue ball is the first thing Lucy looks for.  She would dig for hours just to get the blue ball.  She has the ability to find the blue ball anywhere, but she can't find a dog biscuit if you drop it on the floor in front of her!  We bought another blue ball for inside the house, but it just wasn't the same.  We have discussed throwing it away (while washable, it stinks!), but hadn't done it quite yet.  

We recently had a large storm.  Knowing it was coming, I picked up all the dog toys in the yard and locked them in the shed....except for the blue ball.  Honestly, I was kinda hoping it would blow away!  The day before the storm, something I ordered in a moment of weakness arrived in the mail....the yellow ball.  I didn't give, or even show Lucy the yellow ball.  I planned on throwing away the blue ball and replacing it with the yellow one, but I wasn't sure how it would go over.  When the storm came, the blue ball disappeared into the snow.  We then, unknowingly, piled more snow over it.  The blue ball was gone, and kids were here.  I gave in and took out the yellow ball.  It was like the blue ball all over again!  She would carry it all over the yard, lie down and use it as a pillow, bring it right to the door and leave it outside.  This would be my chance to get rid of the blue ball...but where was it???  Still under all the snow!

Today, over a week past all the snow, the blue ball appeared again amidst the melting snow.  Goodbye yellow ball, you are no longer good enough for Lucy.  The blue ball is back as though it were never gone.  It looks a little worse for wear, and I don't know how much longer it will last, but I don't have the heart to throw it away anymore.  The blue ball is back for as long as it can hang on.  Welcome back, blue dog ball.  Lucy has missed you!

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