Friday, February 8, 2013

The cardboard chronicles...

Several months ago, Lucy ran into an incident. Said incident involved her eating enough cardboard(industrial, not pizza box variety!) that she required surgery.  She came out looking a little Frankensteinish, with a foot long incision running across her belly.

2 weeks go by with no running, jumping, etc., and I return to the vet to have her staples removed. She wasn't very happy about this, but seemed cheerful enough.  Back to the insane Lucy that we know and love! Still no running with me, as I had some neck issues going on AND didn't want to push my luck with Frankengut.

A month goes by, with me checking her belly every few days.  All looks good...until the day it didn't. One Sunday, a month after the surgery, I rolled her over to find several pink welts and a couple cuts. 2 visits to the vet later, I was told that her body was rejecting internal stitches.  There were 3 layers to her incision, with 2 layers stitched shut and 1 stapled. Lucy's body didn't like the material they closed her up with, so it was forcing it out of her body. Antibiotics, here we come!

Now, all the pills are gone.  When I rolled her over yesterday, she now has a few clear pieces of string coming out. The vet has given me the ok to just cut them off.  I will do just that, as soon as I figure out how to get a maniac 2 year old golden retriever to sit still long enough for me to go near the softest part of her with sharp scissors!

She isn't wearing the inflatable cone anymore...she popped it shortly after getting her staples removed!

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