Friday, February 8, 2013

The "normal" one

I actually have 2 dogs...but the other one is normal. By normal, I mean many things: he walks properly in a leash, he has never eaten a half of a boxwood bush, he gets along with my cat, he can sit AND stay ( at the same time!)  My normal dog is the reason I started running. He would get a little hyper at night if his walk wasn't long enough. How could I make him get more exercise if I didn't have more time? RUNNING! I could cover more ground in the same amount of time!
After many different leashes, collars, etc, I settled on a Lupine martingale collar, and a Ruffwear leash that I can wear around my waist.  I love that leash! People stop me and ask what kind it is all the time!  The normal one and I worked our way up to 8 miles this way.  Not anymore, nowdays he is hard pressed to reach 5, but he has run 8 very happily.
Anyway, forget running, maybe take away the normal one tag. Yesterday, the normal one comes in from outside at about 7 am. He starts hitting himself in the face with his paws and rubbing his face on the ground.  What could be wrong?? I run my fingers around the outside of his teeth, look inside his mouth: nothing! Weird. Then, while he is  lying down, I look again and spot it: the stick. It had somehow wedged itself against the roof of his mouth!  The stick was removed, and all is good again!
I would like to think this will curtail his stick eating habit, but I know better.:-(

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